Monday, November 10, 2008

These Geeks Know About Web Hosting

If you're like me and haven't moved from free hosting to paid website hosting, the reviews at Web Hosting Geeks look like they will be really helpful. Yes, I'm still using the free hosting with Blogger, and one of the reasons is that it's free, and I'm really cheap. One of the first things I learned on the Web Hosting Geeks website is that web hosting does not have to be expensive. Right on the front page they have 10 professional web hosting services listed, and they're all less than $10 per month.

Along with the prices, Web Hosting Geeks lists the features of each and reviews. The best part is that you get reviews from actual customers who have used or are currently . They rate the web hosts on things like tech support, reliability, and quality, and share their experiences with the host. Yes, I have friends who have made the move to paid hosting, and I will probably be asking them all kinds of questions when I finally decide to do it, but with a site like Web Hosting Geeks, I can do a lot of research on my own, before I start bugging them.

There are also some very informative and useful articles on the site - information on web hosting, web design, and web development, and the all- important Site Promotion, to name a few.