Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here's Your Chance to Help Rebuild America

Our economy seems to be in a downward spiral. People are losing their homes and losing their jobs. They're watching their retirement money disappear because of the woes on Wall Street. People are buying less and less and, because demand is down, factories are being shut down and stores are being closed, and people are losing their jobs. Then, because they don't have jobs, they buy less, and we're caught in a vicious cycle.

To fix the economy, are we really supposed to buy more and spend money we don't really have? I have a really hard time accepting that. I think first we have to make sure people have jobs. We need to put our money not into consumable goods, but into worthy projects that will get people working, earning money, and able to support their families.

Rebuilding of America makes it possible for all of us to invest in worthwhile construction projects, projects that will get people working again. They acquire properties that have defaulted to their original lenders, putting people out of work. Rebuilding of America then puts people back to work and finishes the project.

Americans can invest in these projects for as little as $25. That's not much. It's so easy to blow $25 without thinking about it, maybe a dinner out or a movie. Then it's gone. You have nothing to show for it. Or, you can invest it with Rebuilding of America and make a huge difference. Help put some people to work and, yes, make some money in the process. Each investment is fully insured and guaranteed against loss. Every Certificate of Deposit is a securitized FDIC insured investment through a reputable financial institution, and 100% of profits are returned to the investors.

By keeping the initial investment low, Rebuilding of America lets more people get involved. All the $25 investments will be bundled and used to get worthwhile projects up and running again. Rebuilding of America believes in the strength of grassroots community involvement. Do you?