Monday, November 17, 2008

Heads or Tails - an Autumn Memory

This week's theme/prompt is:
TAILS - Share an Autumn Memory

I love all the seasons. When it's Springtime, I love Spring. When it's Summer, I love Summer, etc. By the time Summer is over, I'm ready for the cooler weather, crisp breezes, and colorful leaves of Autumn.

Also in Autumn, we always go somewhere for the Feast of Tabernacles, so we have memories of visiting Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota, Wisconsin Dells, and Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. When Beth was just a 2 week old baby, we went to the Dells. The day we drove up, it was sunny and warm - shorts weather. A few days later, it snowed! And then it all melted, and the weather got warm again. This was all in the space of a week. You gotta love Wisconsin weather!

The year Cory was a baby, we went to the Ozarks. We spent a couple days in St. Louis on the way down - one day at the zoo and another at Grant's Farm. I hadn't thought of that place in ages, but I'd love to go back there. They raise some of the Budweiser Clydesdales there. I love those horses! There's also a big deer park, animals to pet, and some entertaining shows. I especially liked the elephants. Beth was only 2, so she won't remember it at all, but she enjoyed it at the time.

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  1. I'm going to show my ignorance here by saying I'm not sure what the Feast of Tabernacles is? But, hey.. any reason to travel sounds good to me!

  2. skittles - The Feast of Tabernacles is one of the annual Feasts listed in the Bible (Lev. 23). We get together with other people and celebrate the Feast every year.

  3. A great memory. Yes, after the Summer, I'm ready for autumn, too.

  4. I too love Clydesdale Horses. In Colorado about 70 miles or so north of Denver, they have a Budweiser Brewery, and a huge stable full of them. I got to get up close and personal with one....beautiful creatures.

    Autumn is my favorite time of year. Been to the St. Louis Zoo also...great one.

    Thanks for stopping by my HoT entry. Have a super Tuesday.

  5. it would be great if you could go back there someday and re-live those memories.

    how nice to have one when your kids are so young too

  6. I didn't know what the feast of the Tabernacles was either so you've taught me something. I love travelling and it sounds like you have some great memories.

  7. How interesting that you celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. Do you actually make a booth for your family. I think it would be a wonderful experience. Each one of the feasts are rich in symbolism and worth a study for Christian or Jew alike.

  8. sounds like lots of fun, i love travelling around and visiting different places!


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