Tuesday, November 18, 2008


two slices of toasted white breadImage via WikipediaI am really going to have to make up my mind about the toaster/toaster oven thing. I toasted an English muffin today, and I had to push it down 4 times to get it toasted. This toaster is definitely not working properly.

I was thinking of getting a toaster oven instead of just a toaster, because I like the idea of being able to use it to bake or warm up some things, instead of having to turn on the actual oven, especially in the summer. We were looking at this toaster oven from Walmart - you can cook a pizza, bake, broil, even cook a rotisserie chicken in it. The only thing it doesn't seem to do very well is make toast. Actually, several of the reviewers say it doesn't make toast very well, and another one says it's perfectly golden brown, so I don't know what to believe.

Maybe I should just stick with a basic toaster? Any ideas or suggestions? Do you have a toaster oven, which one, and do you like it? Any toaster oven manufacturers out there who'd like to send me one so I can try it? It doesn't hurt to ask, right?
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  1. I had this same dilemma, for weeks I was trying to make the decision between toaster and toaster oven... And today I purchased a reasonably priced toaster oven because...
    1) It can do toast, bagels, English muffins... Not to mention frozen snacks, pizzas, potatoes, garlic bread, cookies and cakes and the list goes on.
    2)Some are convection and may be able to cook things, especially those items requiring oven use, even faster.
    3) Though it may take up twice as much room as a regular toaster, will will cook 5 times more things.

    Also, though Wal-Mart has decent prices on toaster ovens, I think you will find one for the same price at Target that will also do toast well :) I was looking at a Black and Decker model particularly because it was convection, could cook pizzas, and was on sale. This sale may still be going on.

    Sorry if I've rambled on, it was just an amazing coincidence that I stumbled upon this post. I hope the information I've provided is helpful at least :)
    Have a nice week!


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