Monday, December 10, 2007

I Finally Did It

I've been toying with the idea of getting my own domain for a while now. When I asked for suggestions, no one came up with an amazing domain name, so I just had to come up with one on my own. By the way, Tammy, yours is available, so you better go grab it!

I finally came up with

I figured this would work for a couple of reasons - partially because my kids are teenagers now, and before I know it they'll be all grown up and off on their own. But, no matter how old they get, I'll always be their mom, and there's nothing they can do about it!

Besides that, almost every time I have signed up for anything online - from email to free online storage, I have used bcmom or some variation of it as my user name. So, quite simply, I'm always bcmom - unless someone got there before me and took my user name, and then I'm bcmom2 or bcmomtoo, or bcmomtwo!

Anyway - new domain for me, so, if you've linked to me on your sidebar, I'd really appreciate it if you'd update your links to point to
Hopefully I will be able to get my Technorati Profile updated and start building that up again.



  1. I updated my link to you, thanks for hosting Photo-A-Day on your blog. Did you see that I have contests going on this month, links to them are on the sidebar of Congrats on the domain. Awesome!

  2. I'll update my link for you! I love your domain name and the reasons behind it!

    Now, if I'm not taking advantage of our friendship (or the fact that I have declared myself as your cyber-sister), would you be available to help me when it comes to getting my own domain name? I don't want to lose my Alexa rating, Technorati, traffic, etc... and I don't even know if it is possible to get your own domain name without losing those things.

  3. @ drew - I really enjoy your Photo-A-Day, and I will definitely check out your contests. Thanks for updating my link.

    @ misty dawn - I will help you in any way I can, sis! Contrary to what I read when I first learned that I could point a domain to my blogger blog, you will lose Alexa, Technorati, Page Rank, and all those things. Oh wait - none of us has PR anymore anyway. You will still get your traffic, because blogger automatically forwards everything. So, if someone types in your blogspot address or clicks a link, they will be redirected to your domain. As far as I can tell, my feedburner feed still works, too.

  4. I'm wondering about the openID thing. Will it really give the backlink if a commenter does not have a LiveJournal, Wordpress, AOL, or one of the other services listed here?

    I signed up for an OpenID to see how that worked but didn't see anywhere to put my url in. So, I'm trying the Technorati one. At least that will get to a list of your blogs. Well, mine in this case. Just testing.

  5. Congrats on the new domain name - I think it's perfect!

    Yes, Feedburner automatically updates because I'm seeing you in my Reader just the same as always, except that I can now actually read the posts where before I just saw the titles and had to click to your site to actually read. This way is much more convenient! :)

  6. @ deb - I'm not sure why the feed was like that, but it was bothering me, too. (I subscribe to my own blog just to see how it works) I did change the feed settings in Blogger today from 'short' to 'full'

    Of course, the short feed said: Select Short if you only wish to syndicate the first paragraph, or approximately 255 characters, whichever is shorter.

    That would definitely be more than the title.

  7. Congratulations on your new domain! Hope it opens more opportunities for you. Take care!


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