Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cheaper Than a Hotel

Last weekend we drove down to Jacksonville to see family, and we had to get a hotel room. Actually, we had to get two hotel rooms because Beth insisted that Tim go with us, so we put the boys in one room, and Beth stayed in the room with Jeffrey and me. The sad thing is that a hotel room in a town in the middle of Illinois - not even an exotic tourist destination - cost $80 a night.

I'm looking at these Cairns Hotels - actually I'm interested in the villas and cabins. They've got kitchen facilities, private balconies and all kinds of amenities, and they cost the same as a basic hotel room, in a boring place. I really hate going somewhere and spending a lot of money to get less than I have at home.

Of course, if I get to go somewhere exotic like Fiji or Vanuatu, then I'd be willing to look at the Fiji Hotels or Vanuatu Hotels if we could get a good deal. I don't need a kitchen when I'm on vacation. I just really appreciate one.

I started looking at some Noumea Hotels that are more expensive, but judging from the pictures, can I just say WOW! We are saving for a vacation, so maybe...

For now, though, I've got to quit dreaming of vacation and travel and go wash my dishes. Yeah, real life interferes again.


  1. Yep, hotel rooms are expensive especially when you aren't vacationing in one and just sleeping there. This is why I think a cruise is such a great deal. Often times you can cruise for $70 per person per night for the first two people and then cheaper after that and at least it comes with all the food you can eat and different places to see every day.

  2. $80!! You're lucky! The last time I had to stay at a hotel I had to pay over $100 - and it wasn't any place fancy, just your average middle of the road hotel :O

  3. It seems to be worthy.... too got best hotel services at low rates at Clarion.


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