Wednesday, May 07, 2008

TNT Screen Capture

Today's Giveaway of the Day is TNT Screen Capture.  They gave this away awhile ago, and I grabbed it.  I love this little program!  It lets you grab a screen shot and do all kinds of fun things with it.  Mostly I've just played with the different background colors, including the cursor, and adding sparkle, but really there is a lot more.  You can add text, color, another image, write on your image, and various other editing options.



I also like this torn paper effect. Note I added text, and the text has a shadow if you want.  Today, you can get TNT Screen Capture for free at Giveaway of the Day.  After today, it will cost $39.90.


  1. I have been MIA for awhile with blog hopping but I am slowly getting back it. I miss reading your posts

    I have something for you on my rantings blog. check it out and if you haven't check out my new blog on losing weight at As I see it

  2. Thanks again Anna. I turned off the pop up thingy and it showed up right away. I think I need to learn more about computers before I install anything else on it.


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