Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trials of Technology (Part 1)

A typical Bluetooth mobile phone headsetImage via WikipediaI told you we recently got new cell phones. I'm really enjoying playing with it - adding music files, taking pictures, stuff like that. I'm not real big on actually making phone calls, but I guess it's nice to have the option, too.

Our new phones have Bluetooth capabilities, so we ordered some Bluetooth headsets from - $15 for two after rebate. And then, right after we ordered them, we found some actual Motorola ones for $4.99 after rebate, so Jeffrey bought those. We figured I could use one of the ones from with my laptop, maybe, and Tim's phone uses Bluetooth, too so maybe we can sell him one cheap.

I haven't tried setting up the headset yet, but last night I thought it would be nice to connect my phone and my laptop with Bluetooth, so I won't have to actually plug the cable in to transfer music and pictures. It should have been easy. It wasn't. I always thought my laptop had Bluetooth. I mean, the little blue indicator light is always on. I checked my help file to figure out how to do it. It said to go to Control Panel - Bluetooth Devices, and then follow through with some more directions. The only problem was, there was no Bluetooth Devices in my Control Panel - no Bluetooth anything.

Finally, I checked All Programs and found something that said Bluetooth. Double-clicking that installed a Bluetooth driver, I guess the one I thought was already installed. OK, getting somewhere. Once that was installed, I followed the Wizard through and thought I had it. Then I realized that I had connected my computer and my phone via Bluetooth, but it was only configured so that the laptop sees the phone as a modem and can use it to access the Internet by dial-up. Nothing for transferring files. Reading my help file further, I saw that there is supposed to be a check-box so I can let my phone find the computer instead of the other way around. Yeah, right. I searched and searched. NO check-box.

So, last night I wasn't reading blogs or commenting or dropping Entrecards, or even playing Scrabulous. No, I was trying to make my computer and my phone talk to one another without a cable, and I failed miserably. It's not even like it takes all that long to plug in the cable. I just thought having them connect via Bluetooth sounded so cool.

Wish me luck with the headset.