Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Do You Mean Sold Out?

We've all seen the people who camp out for days, waiting for concert tickets to go on sale. Some of the big concerts sell out within minutes, making it impossible for most people to get decent seats. Sure, you might find something in the nosebleed section, but that's no fun. We had an advantage when we wanted tickets back when my brother was a student at the U of I, because they gave students first shot - which was only right since the Assembly Hall is part of the campus. That's how we got the third row seats to see Michael Bolton.

What do you do if you don't have a friend who can hook you up, or you're not willing to camp out and wait in line? How do you get your concert tickets and sports tickets? Check out Seat Exchange. They'll hook you up. Search for the event you want and check for tickets. People who have the tickets can sell them here, safely and securely, and the people who want tickets can buy them. I already checked to see if there are any tickets to see Cher in Las Vegas - if only I was going to be there.

Seat Exchange offers sellers the tools to market their tickets to a wider audience than they would reach otherwise, and they guarantee all buyers that they will be attending the event for the tickets they selected. Much safer than buying them from someone on the street, right? I just did a quick search to see what concerts were available in my area this summer. Milwaukee is a big summer festival/music city, so there are quite a few, and it was really easy to find them. Tim McGraw, Tom Petty, Alicia Keys, so many choices, and Seat Exchange has them.