Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For Those Who Don't Think Bald is Beautiful

When my brothers and I look at pictures from my parents' wedding, one of our favorite comments is, "Wow! Dad had hair." For as long as we can remember, he hasn't had much. My brothers have the whole thinning hair thing going on, too. I'm sure they love me telling the world that they're going bald!

Recently, Cory has been pulling his hair back from his forehead and complaining. He's convinced he's going to start losing his hair, and since they say male pattern baldness comes from the mom's side of the family, he just may be right. If he decides it bothers him, he may try to do something about it.

Procerin, a nutritional supplement to combat hair loss for men, looks interesting. It says it's composed of natural ingredients and doesn't have side effects associated with prescription hair loss treatments. Information from the procerin clinical study says that 90% of the men who participated in the study were satisfied with the results and felt that it slowed their hair loss and used descriptors like 'thicker' and 'more full' to describe their hair. Procerin claims an 88% success rate, and you get your money back if not completely satisfied.

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  1. All my brothers are bald too. They always wear baseball caps to try and hid it. LOL


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