Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Contents of My Freezer

  • Dishes - done
  • Towels - in the dryer

And I finally updated my freezer list. About a month ago, Elizabeth posted a list of everything she had in her freezer and pantry. Empty Freezer At the time I was planning to clean my freezer out within the next few days, which I did. I took everything out of the freezer, put it into coolers, laundry baskets, and tubs, and defrosted the freezer. There wasn't too much ice on the sides of the freezer, and it cleaned up nicely. I just unplugged the freezer, put two ice cream buckets full of hot water in the bottom, closed the lid and let them sit for a while. I refilled the buckets once, all the ice started melting and was really easy to remove from the freezer. Then I could wipe it all out and put the food back into the freezer, counting everything and writing it in my notebook as I did so.

Full FreezerI do this every year in the spring. I keep a list on the side of my refrigerator and try to remember to update it whenever I add anything to or take anything out of the freezer. Sometimes, though, things get forgotten, and the list gets off, so it's good to do a new inventory once in a while. I've been keeping things updated in the notebook, but just finally today got it updated in my spreadsheet, and I'm finally writing the post Elizabeth suggested I write about it. Now, just in case you're interested in finding out what I have in my freezer, go ahead and take a peek.

I'm not even going to attempt to inventory my pantry. Let's just say I have a lot of stuff on the shelves.
  • Pictures are for illustration purposes - I took them last year when I cleaned the freezer.


  1. Quite a list you have there Anna. Never heard of freezing mashed bananas before!

  2. I checked out the list. Your freezer was full. I noticed you had some ice cream novelities in there...can I have a popsicle please? It's really hot here today and the kids ate them all on me.

  3. Looks like I will be over for some burgers and a nice big dish of ice cream!!!!

  4. 14 1/2 gallons of ice cream???


    At least you've got your priorities straight :-)

  5. @ladybanana - the mashed bananas are for banana bread or muffins. If the bananas get over-ripe, but I don't have time to bake right then, I freeze them for later.

    @tammy - Sorry, no popsicles. We have sundae cones. Do you like those?

    @sassy2 - Come on over!

    @anonymous - A while back the Blue Bunny ice cream was on sale, buy one/get one free, and we had coupons - so we stocked up.

  6. And doesn't that feel better? lol The other night my husband was poking around in the kitchen complaining that there was "nothing" to make for dinner. I proceeded to show him just how much food we had. I think what he meant was there was nothing already cooked and waiting to be eaten at that very moment :)


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