Thursday, May 01, 2008

Online Beauty Contest

Beth has been told many times that she looks like Julia Roberts. Of course, I'm her mom, so I'm always going to think she's beautiful, but it's nice when other people think so, too.

Looks aren't everything, of course, but they could be worth $10,000. Look of the Year is holding an online beauty contest. Anyone can enter - just submit a picture and fill out a profile. Then, real people vote to determine the winner. There will be one winner in each of these four categories:
  • Girls 14-19
  • Women 19+
  • Boys 14-19
  • Men 19+
Even if you don't win, there's the possibility of being discovered by modeling agencies and maybe becoming a famous model.

I'll have to send Beth to and let her submit her own photo, because she always hates the pictures I take of her.