Thursday, May 15, 2008

Counting Money

I counted the money from selling concessions the other night. First I wanted to be sure there was enough cash of various denominations and enough change in the box for next time. I'm never sure how much we really need, and I've kind of been going by what was in there when I first got the cash box. Today I decided that we had more than enough dimes and nickels. Everything is $1, $2, $1.50 - we need more quarters for change than anything else. I used to work at Kohl's, and I started thinking about the change we started with when we opened a cash register. Basically, we had a certain amount of bills (I can't remember the numbers on that) and a roll of quarters, a roll of dimes, a roll of nickels, and a roll of pennies. So, I figured I'd cut down the dimes and nickels to the amount in a roll. Of course, then I had to figure out how much was in a roll of each. Who remembers these things? So, I looked it up - how many coins are in a regular roll of coins?

Then I started counting the rest of the cash and putting it together getting it ready for deposit. One time I was at the bank they gave me some currency wrappers, and I know the $50 ones are for the $1 bills, but I don't know which bills the $200 and the $500 are for. I don't even know if it really matters, since I tried looking it up and only found places that sell them. They didn't tell me which bills they were for, but several mentioned that they were easily adjustable for different amounts of bills. So I'm thinking maybe I can just use them in whatever way is convenient. It does help to divide the bills into manageable piles and wrap them together.

If someone knows if there are specific rules for the currency wrappers, please let me know before I actually go and make the deposit and end up looking like I don't know anything. Sure, I'll tell the whole blogosphere I don't know. I just don't want the people at the bank to know!

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  1. Penny's are 50 cents, Nickels are 2 dollars, dimes and quarters are each 10 dollars. Ones I think we used to wrap in stacks of 25... But I could be wrong about EVERYTHING! 8-)

    P.S. We're playing Rockin' With Frigga, we already started and it will go through the end of tomorrow, come by if you have time!! :)


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