Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's My Turn!

A game in progress on FacebookImage via WikipediaSpeaking of getting your life back...

I'm wondering if there's some kind of consultation and help I can get. I've fallen into a deep pit of Scrabulous letters, and I just can't get out. They recently added the new "jump to your next active game" link. It works so well. Sometimes I'm just playing and clicking, playing and clicking. I just can't stop until it finally takes me to the list of my games. What do you mean it's not my turn on any of them?

I keep refreshing the page until, finally - it's my turn!

Yes, Tammy, I'm going to play right now, you dam sexy nude knitting bozo. (Yeah, our game is way more exciting than the graphic here) See:
Where do you think I should play next? Oh, and if you're on Facebook, and we're not already playing a game, let's!

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  1. OMG Anna, you're hilarious!!! ROFL!!! I'm going to go check and see if it's my turn now.


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