Monday, May 19, 2008

New Phones

I've been messing around with my new phone today, trying to figure out how it works. Jeffrey and Cory went and got new cell phones yesterday, a new phone for Jeffrey and a new phone for me. Beth keeps her old beat-up one, and Cory gets my old one. So, now we all have our own cell phone.

Cory has been involved in more things, with after-school meetings and activities, and we figured it would be nice for him to have his own phone. Now he won't have to take mine or try to find someone with a phone so that he can call home. We changed our plan slightly to get the best deal with adding another phone. We still have the 1000 anytime minutes and free nights and weekends starting at 7pm. Now we also have free mobile to mobile minutes - so anytime we call between USCellular phones, those calls don't count against our minutes. This plan also comes with 45 minutes of roaming built in, so if we're ever traveling, we can still use the phones, at least a little, and we can add another 100 minutes for $10 if we think we need more. We don't do a lot of traveling, so that ought to cover it.

I got this cool MOTOROKR with the orange, and Jeffrey got the silver one. It has a microSD slot to expand the memory, a music player, and a 2MP camera. So it's a cell phone, MP3 player and digital camera all in one. I like that. I was trying to get my computer to recognize the phone when I plug in the USB cable, but I got frustrated by that. It looks like I have to buy software to make that work? That's rude. I will have to keep playing with it to see how that works. I did get some music on the microSD card, and the music player sounds good.

In order to get the rebates for buying the new phones, we had to agree to have easyedge on both new phones for 3 months, so we were trying to figure out how that works, too. From everything I could see, if I wanted to do anything at all, I was supposed to pay for it. What? We're paying $9.95/month so we can pay more money to go online or play some games? That made no sense whatsoever, so Jeffrey called customer service tonight and finally got somewhere. I guess there was some software the was supposed to be loaded on the phones, but it wasn't. We could download it, but it was really hard to find, and there was no information about where to look or even what to look for. Now that we've got that working, I'll have to spend some time playing with that to see what it can do. I did figure out how to check my email, but that's about it. I can't imagine there's anything I need badly enough to pay $9.95/'month, but since we have to try it for 3 months, I might as well use it, at least to see what I can do with it.

Mostly I think I'm going to appreciate having the camera. I won't have any excuse not to have a camera with me now, and I can get the pictures off the camera. Last time I had a camera phone it really frustrated me, because the only way to get the pictures off the camera was to pay 25¢ to send them somewhere. There was no way I was going to do that. Now I can just remove the microSD card, insert it into my computer, and download.


  1. That's a cool phone.

    I found out that it's your birthday from Tammy, Happy Happy Birthday! Wishing you best of health.

  2. Firstly I dropped by to say Happy Birthday!, I also found out from Tammys blog...

    As for your phone, well you have a good deal there, so many minutes included.. we also get deals like that here but they are very expensive for that many minutes!


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