Friday, May 02, 2008

I Need to Make Travel Plans

Jeffrey and I have plans to go somewhere for our 25th anniversary. Number 22 is coming up next month, so we have a little while to save and to plan. See, we haven't yet decided where we want to go. We just know that we want to celebrate our 25th anniversary in a special way because that one's special, right?

I end up looking at resorts and Rome Hotels, cruises and London Hotels, and I can't make up my mind. Friends of ours just got back from the U.K. and they said everything is very expensive, but the pictures they took make it look worth it. I'm glad I have time to plan and find the best deals online, but my friend Nancy said I need to start planning now. Yikes!

Whether we decide to go to Hawaii or pick Hotels Paris, or maybe even find Dublin Hotels we like, I don't know that the destination matters. What's important is that we are going together to celebrate our anniversary, and we won't have any kids. It will be fun. I am open for suggestions, though. Where should we go?