Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Selling Food at the Track Meet

A hot dog.Image via WikipediaCory and I spent about 4 hours this afternoon and evening selling concessions for a track meet at school. We did it to raise money for the Band Boosters. I haven't counted the money yet, but I'm hoping we made a good amount. We could have done even better if we hadn't run out of hot dogs and cheese for nachos, and if we could've kept up with the pizza and the subs. There were a lot of hungry kids there!

It was the conference meet, which moves from school to school every year. That means it won't be back at our school for 7 years, so we were lucky to get the opportunity to do the concessions and raise some much needed money so we can do all the things we do for the band. Selling concessions for the athletic events is shared by all the different groups and organizations at the school and usually on a first come basis. We didn't even have to ask for or sign up for this - the Band Boosters were asked to do it.

It was pretty fun, too. Tiring, though.