Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Own Ringtones

Audio MIDI SetupImage via WikipediaI just figured out how to make a song my ringtone on my new phone! Of course, now I will have to play with some audio tracks so that I can have just the part of the song I want as the ringtone. How long is a ringtone, anyway? And does having a cool ringtone mean I won't want to answer my phone because I'll be listening to the song?

This sounds so much better than the song Beth uses as her ringtone. She did an audio recording by holding the phone up to her computer speakers. Not good quality at all. My ringtone on my old phone, the one Cory has now, was a song Cory played into the phone. That's why he wanted that phone and didn't care that it wasn't a camera phone. He likes being able to compose his own songs on the phone. And he's the only one in the family who can do that. He played Cleveland Rocks for me. That was a cool ringtone. Maybe I'll have to find a copy of that for my new phone. This could be lots of fun!