Friday, May 09, 2008


Cory's Biology paper - done
My dishes - still not done

Since I took time out of my evening to take Cory to his friends' one act plays, I told him he was supposed to wash the dishes when we got home. That's when he conveniently remembered he had a Biology paper due, and so he spent the entire night after we got home working on his paper. It may not have taken as long as it did, because he had all the information together, but he forgot the sheet with all the requirements (what had to be included, the order, etc.) at school, and he had to track down someone who had theirs.

Still, the dishes need done, and I can't leave them for him because I need to use some of them. I've got cooking to do. I guess he'll just have to owe me.


  1. I tried to start a game of scrabulous with you, but I kept getting an error.

  2. My kids do that all the time when I ask them to do ANYTHING to help me. Forgotten homework, science projects, they even practice their instruments....anything so they have a "legitimate" reason not to help me.


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