Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Stuff You Need to Get Outside

As Jeffrey and I were walking the other day we noticed that our neighbors had brought their camper out of winter storage. They have a nice trailer, and they do a lot of camping. We have a tent and some camping supplies, because we really don't do much camping. We enjoy it, but there's always something else going on, and it's hard to get away on the weekends. Maybe when the kids are grown and gone, things will slow down a little and we can find some time, and some people to camp with.

Of course, that means we'll have to dig out all the camping supplies, see what we have and see what else we need. Until I started browsing this site (Big T Sports) full of camping, fishing, hunting, and outdoor sporting goods, I didn't know we needed so many things. For instance, did you know you can buy a stainless steel margarita glass? Of course, I'm going to need one of those if I'm going to start camping.

I may not ever need marine electronics, because I don't see myself ever doing any fishing - regardless of what you all say. The Big T Sports website has them for those of you who like that kind of thing. They also have all the camping supplies I can imagine, lighting, tents, cookware, sleeping bags, etc. I can smell the campfire now, and taste that margarita.

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  1. Unfortunately by the time the kids have gone you probably will find camping unappealing. The bones are not so young any more and the inconveniences are a pain. At least it seemed so for me.

    If you enjoy it take time out and go now.


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