Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Got Stuff

My honey brought me a 'belated birthday present' today. He brought me home a new backpack. I got one at the State Fair last year, or was it the year before?, from the Golden Guernsey booth. It was one of those convenient little nylon bags you can wear on your back - lightweight but it holds a lot of stuff. It was blue and said 'got milk?'

-- Stopping here to note that Zemanta suggested some of my pics - so I grabbed one. I didn't know this, but it looks like you can only grab one image from Zemanta. When I clicked on another one, it replaced the first. Anyway, I'll keep the picture of Beth hiding her face. :) Milk for $1.00Image by bcmom via Flickr

Anyway, about my little nylon 'got milk?' backpack - I took it to a football game last fall. I had my jacket in it or something, and when I took it out, I didn't stuff the bag in a pocket or something but just put it down with my other stuff on the bleachers, next to me. Later, when the football game was over and I got back to the van, I realized that my bag was missing. So, I went back and looked for it. No luck. The next day Jeffrey rode his motorcycle over there, and he looked for it too but had no luck. We figured it fell down under the bleachers since it was empty or just had a pen in it, but it was just gone. Cory even checked lost and found at school that next week, but we never found it. It made me sad. I really liked that bag.

Today Jeffrey brought me home a new one - and a new case for my new phone. Isn't he sweet?

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  1. I have a favorite bag too that I lug around all my stuff for confirmation class in. What a sweetie your hubby is!


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