Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It won't be long now, and Jeffrey says I get a clean face. He said that the other night, and I was all like, "What do you mean? I wash my face." What he means is, he's going to shave.

See, he hasn't shaved in a while. He decided to grow a beard. Now, don't tell him this, but I do think he looks pretty nice with the beard. What I don't like is the way it feels when I kiss him, so there's been a reduction in the amount of kissing. Yeah, I hate that. I keep telling him, "I used to like to kiss you." But he likes the beard.

He has decided, though, that when he reaches a certain weight-loss goal, that he's going to shave, and he's getting close. He's doing really well with his weight-loss and getting in better shape. At his last physical the doctor told him he was doing all the right things - changing his eating habits and being more active. His cholesterol came way down, and his heart rate and blood pressure look good, too. Maybe going the diet pill route and getting Phentermine without prescription would have worked for the weight-loss, but I think consciously making a lifestyle change the way he has is better in the long run.

I'm looking forward to the clean face and some enjoyable kissing - Soon. I'm also looking forward to having him around for a very long time, so I'm glad he's losing the weight and getting healthier.

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  1. John's goatee is annoying when he kisses me, but I think he looks hot with it so I'm not complaining about it yet. hehehe


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