Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Must. Get. Busy.

Wall Calendar
Wall Calendar
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I'm having a hard time getting motivated today. Here it is almost noon, and I don't feel like I've accomplished much. Sure, I played all my turns on Scrabulous, read a few blog posts, voted for my niece in a cute baby contest, folded some clothes, threw the towels in the washer, and other various things, but I really, really, really, desperately need to get started laying out the school calendar or I am going to hate myself. It's going to come down to the deadline, and I am going to be staying up all night trying to get everything done. Not a good idea.

So, even though the sun is shining, and I really want to get outside, I need to be inside on my computer. Believe me, I have tried taking it outside, but the sun is too bright for me to see the screen properly. Also, I need to be on my computer, but I'm not supposed to be playing Scrabulous, reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube, or any of the other things I catch myself doing. I must open PageMaker and get busy.

I just keep catching myself thinking, "If I just get this done, then I can sit down and do it." This?
  • This blog post.
  • These dishes.
  • This laundry.
  • This turkey salad I need to make for lunches this week.
  • This 1/2 lb. ground turkey that needs turned into dinner.