Friday, May 02, 2008

When I Grow Up

Cher during Living Proof: The Farewell TourImage via WikipediaThe other night on Entertainment Tonight they were talking about Cher's new show in Vegas. I said that it would be fun to see that show. We have this really awesome CD - it's a 2-disc set, one live in concert and the other greatest hits. Awesome! So, when I said I'd like to see the Cher show, Jeffrey said that when Cory gets out of high school, I should go get a 'real job' and make some money so we can do things like that. Never mind that I won't have any time to go do anything!

I really don't know what I will do when the kids are out of school and off to college or off on their own. Do I really want to work so we can afford to go places and do things whenever we want to? Will I have to find a 'real job' so we can help pay for college? It would be so much easier if there was something I really loved to do that would pay me the big bucks, wouldn't it? I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up, though.

Oh, and Cher shares my birthday.


  1. I love Cher! She's a great singer and a fabulous actress.

  2. I LOVE CHER I want to go see her too maybe we shoudl meet up and go hahhahah I missed celion I was bummed one of those I wanta or we shoulds,,,,, yeah never happens, I think I found my job really it is one I pick my hours too and I plan to save up to do stuff with it. cool birthay buddy ya got.


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