Wednesday, April 30, 2008

These Jigglers Don't Jiggle

Cory made Jell-O Jigglers last night so he can take them to school tomorrow. They're eating in French class, and obviously Jell-O is French, right? They're having tacos, too.

Today after school Cory went to take the Jigglers out of the molds and put them into a container, ready to take to school. Right away, he had problems. The Jell-O was too soft. He said he followed the recipe for Jigglers - mix the Jell-O into 2-1/2 cups hot water. I looked at the box and asked him how many boxes of Jell-O he used. One box. He used one box of Jell-O and 2-1/2 cups of water. The recipe says to use four boxes of Jell-O with 2-1/2 cups of water. That would be why his Jigglers were so soft and practically melting when he messed with them.

So, he dumped the not-quite-Jigglers all out into a container so he can eat them later with a spoon. Or a straw. And he made some new ones. Now, as I'm sitting here, I'm not sure how he mixed the new ones. I pulled the boxes of Jell-O out of the cabinet for him, but I just now realized that I didn't pull the four boxes he needed out - just one of one flavor and one of another. I hope he adjusted the water measurements, or he'll be drinking a lot of Jell-O, and I have no idea what the French class is going to eat.


  1. All kids like jell-o no matter if it jiggles or not, well except for my kids. They don't like jell-o at all.

  2. hahahahah boys in hte kitchen ummm not!!!! Have a great weekend... sorry I am very late and busy now I have a life...


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