Friday, April 11, 2008

Multiple Personality

Last night Cory recorded at least one scene of the play onto his computer. He read everyone's lines. Then he saved the file as am MP3 and put it on his iPod. He thought it would be a good way to memorize his lines - and everyone else's. He figures if they mess up, then he'll know they're lines too so he can help them out.

This morning he was walking around the house with his iPod saying lines from the play. I, of course, only got parts of it, but I was laughing the whole time. Cory is having so much fun with this. I can hardly wait to see the play. It sounds like we are going to get to see it at least 3 time. Last night the director asked if Jeffrey can run the sound, and he loves to do stuff like that. We were going to be going to the play anyway...