Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cory's Been Wearing Makeup

...and he doesn't like it.

oddcouple 002

Stage makeup, that is.  Besides the makeup, I'm pretty sure Cory is enjoying being on stage.  He's always loved being up in front of people, acting, being the center of attention.  Stage fright?  What's that?  He has no clue.  He thrives on the whole thing.  He's fun to watch.  Too bad he doesn't get on stage until sometime in the 2nd Act, but the whole play is pretty fun.

 oddcouple 081

We've now seen it 4 times, and there's one more performance to go.  I asked Cory if he'd be mad at me if I didn't go every night, and he said I had to be there, so I've been there.  All the kids are doing a really good job, and I am enjoying it.  I took a bunch of pictures, too.  I just need to get them all off the camera and figure out what I'm going to do with them.


  1. You must be so proud, he's doing well, great he has no stage nerves!

  2. I think it's sweet he wants you to be at every performance.


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