Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wouldn't it be Nice to Win a Home Makeover?

I just mentioned yesterday that we are planning to put ceramic tile in the kitchen, dining room, and entryway of our house. Today I found out that I can enter to win $20,000 from Renuzit® TriScents™ to help with a home makeover. How great would that be? With that money, we could not only do the kitchen, dining room and entry, we could go ahead and put the hardwood flooring in the living room, too. Here are the rooms as they are now:
Our house is 10 years old. It's hard to believe we've been here that long, but we have. We have the same flooring, the same paint, the same everything that was put in when the house was built. It's not horrible, but the builders don't really expect it to last all that long. They expect that people will move out and move up, or do some home improvements along the way. We're not going anywhere, so we're ready to start with some improvements.

The main reason we want to do the floor is that we also want to finally put a patio out back, and we don't want to be coming in and out on the carpet. The vinyl in the kitchen is coming away from the edges and separating in places. Also, we'd like to get rid of the carpeting and go to all hard surfaces because it is supposed to be healthier and better for avoiding allergies. I'm not sure how far we could go or how much we could do with $20,000, but that's a start.

Be sure to visit the Renuzit® TriScents™ website to read the official rules and see how you can enter to win a home makeover, too. While you're there, be sure to print the coupon to try Renuzit® TriScents™ electric scented oil air freshener. It comes in two scents: Seaside Breezes™ and Morning Meadow. I usually like my house to smell good, like fresh baked bread or something like that, but these sound nice, and the coupon makes it easy to try them, just click and print.


  1. Anna

    I came to thanks her visit to my blog!

    Have a good reform in your home!


  2. Home makeover? Ummm, yeah, I'm totally clicking that link! I could totally make good use out of this... I don't even have heat in my bathroom for crying out loud hehe You have no idea how much I could use this!


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