Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yesterday was Tuesday

Shortly after going to bed last night, too late again due to waiting for a working daughter to get home and then talking to her a little, I suddenly remembered, "It's Tuesday, isn't it?" For some reason, yesterday didn't feel like a Tuesday. Maybe it was the fact that Cory didn't go to Jazz Band. I was supposed to drive, but Cory said Jazz Band had been canceled this week. About 5 minutes after we would normally have left, Erich called to see where we were. Cory explained that he thought there was no Jazz Band, but Erich thought there was, so Cory said we'd be there in a couple minutes and they'd go. Then Erich said not to worry about it. Cory offered again to go, but Erich said never mind.

Later on at school Cory found out that there was Jazz Band. It was canceled for Thursday and next Tuesday because the Middle School band is going to Cleveland over the weekend. That makes sense, but that's not what Cory heard, and several other band members heard the same thing. Erich ended up going - after his conversation with Cory, he drove himself.

Anyway, about Tuesday - the trash has to go out on Tuesday night because it gets picked up on Wednesdays, and you never know how early they will get to it. Since everyone was already in bed, we figured Cory could take care of the trash in the morning when he got up. There have been times when we reminded him after he went to bed, but before we did, but the idea of getting up again was just too much. I know Cory had play practice last night, but he was home in plenty of time to take care of the trash. Beth has been getting out of it since she's been working 'till 10, but she does have to help if she happens to have Tuesday night off. Taking out the trash has been the kids' job for I don't know how long, and still they have to be reminded. Granted, I didn't think about it until after I went to bed, but then again, it's not my job.

When I woke Cory up this morning for school, I told him he needed to get the trash taken care of, and he did. It was out at the street by the time Jeffrey and I got back from our walk, in plenty of time to be picked up.


  1. We can't put our trash out too early, because too many critters (including our cats) tear into it! *sigh* Could you send your kids my way to put out the trash? Hubs has forgotten for two weeks in a row now.

  2. I had no idea what day of the week it is. I'm still in a fog from the medicine.


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