Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Designer Fabrics at a Fraction of the Price

This sounds like a good way to possibly get some designer fabric at a great price. Design Diva Fabrics has what they call the Vote Up Count Down Sale. Registered users can vote for their favorite fabrics. The fabric that gets the most votes goes into Count Down mode, which means that it gets cheaper by the second, until someone buys it. Then the fabric that got the next highest amount of votes goes into Count Down mode. They will send out emails to let people know when the fabric they voted for goes into Count Down mode, so hopefully, they will not miss a great deal on discount Scalamandre fabric, Italian Chenille, Linens, or Silks.

The key, I think, is to catch it at a price you're willing to pay, but before someone else snatches it away. Since Beth is interested in Interior Design, I think this is something she'll be interested in checking out, if only to get some ideas of what is out there and available.