Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Could You Use These Cards For?

I always have a hard time picking out greeting cards. Usually I either like the picture on the front, but I don't like what the card says on the inside. Or I'll like what it says on the inside but not like the front. Wouldn't it be great if I could create my own cards? Actually what would be nice would be to choose a picture I like and put it on some cards, leave them blank on the inside, and have them available to send when I need a card. Even a simple 'Thinking of You' printed on the inside, with plenty of room left for a personal message would be nice.

Cards Direct lets people do just that. You can create custom Photo Cards, using your own photo, customize the text on the inside using either their pre-designed verses or your own, add personalization, and get your very own greeting cards. I know someone who takes amazing photos of a cemetery gate at sunset. Wouldn't one of those photos make great sympathy cards?

I looked around the site a while and really liked the fun of a polka dot card I found.  I could see it being used as a kid's birthday party invitation or a thank you card with a picture from the party on the front. It would be a great memory keepsake for everyone who attended the party.  I think you're pretty much limited to your imagination.

Whatever you use them for, if you design and send your own custom photo cards, I bet no one else will be sending the same cards you are.