Friday, April 18, 2008

An Expensive Week

Placement of parking citation from Huntington Beach, California.Image via WikipediaBeth got a parking ticket this week. Then, the next day, she got another one. Actually, they're both made out to Jeffrey, since it's his car.

To park in the parking lot at school, the students are supposed to buy a parking pass. It's $100 for the entire year, $25 per quarter, or $1 per day. I figure that, since there's a bus she can ride to school, she really does not need to drive to school. Therefore, we will not be paying for a parking pass. If she decides to drive to school, then she is responsible for buying a pass.

Well, I guess she hasn't been buying a pass on the days she drives, because she got a ticket on Tuesday. So, Wednesday she did buy a pass, but she got another ticket. At first they told her she could go in to the police station and show them her parking pass and they would drop that second ticket, then Thursday she, and some other students, got called to the office to be questioned about whether they had parking passes that day. Beth said she had one, it just wasn't taped to the window like it was supposed to be because she didn't get any tape in the office. Then I guess she mentioned the ticket from the previous day and that she had a pass that day, too. The police officer who was questioning these students said that they won't drop that ticket - because how do they know she didn't see she got a ticket and then go get the pass?

That's when I started questioning why the school office doesn't put the time as well as the date on the parking pass when they sell it. If that's really the attitude of the police department - if we don't happen to see it, we're not going to believe you had one - then shouldn't putting the time on the pass just be standard policy? There's a time on the ticket, and it would be easy to check to see if the pass was purchased before or after the ticket was issued. Of course, later on Beth admitted that she bought the pass before lunch, because she 'didn't have time' before school. So, she did get the ticket before she bought the pass - but no one is going to randomly go out to their car to check if they got a ticket in the middle of the day, and then go buy a parking pass. At least I wouldn't think so.

I guess we'll see what happens. That could be $30 she has to pay, if she has to pay both tickets. In addition, she's paying the $1 a day to park now, the way she should have been all along. Either that, or she can ride the bus - for free.


  1. WOW THAT STINKS,,, when Fawn got her care back in December I thougth she had to go get a pass too but I gues her school doesn't do that... they don't even lock up the cars or check who is leaving. Back when I was in school we had a gate you had a pass and then needed to show your school ID in order to get out that you were either a JR. or a Sr. to leave the campus to go smoke your dope and cigarettes or drink your boose I mean to go eat. hehe hope you have a great weekend

  2. Kids. From what I understand, kids with their licenses would be totally UNcool to ride the bus hehe.


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