Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going Through the Mail

I sat down to go through the mail this afternoon. Report cards came, so of course I had to go over those. Beth still has her B average. Go, Beth! It is a shame that her lowest grade is in Phy Ed. You'd think that would be a gimme class - show up, dress, participate, have a good attitude, get a good grade. It's the part about participating and having a good attitude she has trouble with.

Cory's grades are mostly A's and a couple B's. I have to mention that because he feels that he doesn't get enough attention for getting good grades. All the attention goes to Beth because her grades aren't what they should be. We look at Cory's grades and, since they're what we expect from him, don't really pay that much attention. Sorry, Cory. You rock! Results from his sophomore testing also came. He scored at the advanced level in all areas. The one that puzzles me is that, with a maximum score of 820 in reading, he only scored a 600. The way that boy reads, I would have expected at least 800! That was only in the 88th percentile for the state. His highest was in Language Arts - 98th percentile.

Also with the report cards, we got summer school registration information. I already filled Cory's out so he can turn it in tomorrow. He has to be registered for the class to get his Driver's Ed teacher to sign the paper he needs to get his learner's permit. Yikes! Cory's going to learn to drive. We'll have to get the permit as soon as possible so he has time to practice before his driving sessions start.

Now I need to get back to work. I'll put all the school stuff where Jeffrey can read it and put the bank statements where I will remember to take them downstairs so I can file them. Jeffrey doesn't look at those. He leaves all the checking and savings accounts to me. Speaking of savings accounts - the interest rate is ridiculous - .11% - We got a whole 13¢ on that account this month.

Of course, that was just the important mail - except for my $20 rebate from Symantec. There was plenty of junk too - credit card offers and people wanting to sell me stuff. That all went straight into the recycle bag.

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  1. The mail these days is nothing short of Identity Theft waiting to happen and I won't even mention the trash that needs to be shredded..............yeeee gads, when/where does it all stop?
    I do what I can to keep the solicitation down by belonging to LifeLock and most of the pre-approved credit stuff has stopped along with many of the other mailings and then I've put us on lists for junk mail stopping.


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