Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cory's Computer has Moved

I was watching some show on HGTV (I think) this weekend. People wanted to sell their houses, and there was this mother/daughter team who would come in and tell them what they needed to change so the house would, hopefully, sell sooner. One family had the dad's office set up in the area that should have been the dining room. The mother and daughter told them that a buyer would be confused by that and that he should move his office furniture back upstairs and turn the dining room back into a dining room. So they did, moving the baby boy out of the nursery/TV room/home office they had upstairs and into the bedroom with his brother. I would have had the boys in the same room to start with, but it's not me. My two kids shared a room until we moved into this house. If they had been two girls or two boys, they probably would have had to share a room even longer than that. There's nothing that says a kid is entitled to his or her own room.

Anyway, not that we're thinking of selling our house, but since we're thinking of putting new tile in the kitchen and dining room, we did move the computer desk out of the dining room this weekend. Everything is going to have to be moved anyway, and Cory has been wanting to move 'his' computer into his room. It's been in the corner of the dining room for, well, ages, and it's really worked out well - except for the times we think we're talking to Cory but he's got his headphones on watching or listening to something online. Other times we think he's talking to us but he's actually talking to one of his friends. He wants to start a video log on YouTube so he thinks he'll be talking more when he's on the computer and figured it would be nicer for everyone if he wasn't just in the corner of the dining room. So, he cleaned up his room, he and his dad ran the network cable and put in the connector box, and they moved the computer and desk into his room.

It looks strange not having that desk in the corner now, but I'm definitely not confused what the room is for!? It's also strange not having Cory over in the corner where I can just talk to him whenever I want to, after getting his attention, of course. Now I have to go knock on his door and go into his room to talk to him. I'll have to be sure and keep an eye on his video log thing so I know what he's talking about in there!


  1. sounds scarry to me good luck my computer is in the room in the middle of the hosue and every one uses the same one ,,, well not dad but me and the girls. computers in bedrooms scare me good luck....

  2. I know. I've heard all that about keeping the computer in a main room, which is why it was in the dining room to start with. I've been watching what this boy does on the Internet for a while now. He'll be fine. Of course, that doesn't keep me from reminding him to watch out for those Internet predators. He just rolls his eyes and says, "I know, Mom." Also, I have the router set so that the Internet cuts off shortly after bedtime, so he can't spend hours online when he should be in bed, and when we are.

  3. He's such a good kid. I don't think you have anything to worry about. You've been great parents and instilled good teachings in him.


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