Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Play Time

Last night was the dress rehearsal for the play Cory is in. They've been working hard with rehearsals and getting the set ready every day after school until 9:00 or so, and sometimes on the weekends, too. It's a small school, and only a few kids are involved in the play, so they get to do everything. When we got to school yesterday around 5:00, Cory was painting the walls.

Jeffrey and I were there to set up the sound system. Since he has volunteered to run sound for the last two years for the Fall musical, and also runs sound for choir and band concerts, he was asked to run the sound for this play, too. Since Cory is in it, how could he say no? Besides, he likes doing it. It does take a lot of time, though. Dress rehearsal last night, and then performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. This is new because usually dress rehearsal is Thursday night and the performances are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, they just added an extra night into the schedule. Jeffrey can't do the sound on Sunday, but he has a young lady helping him this year, and she will be running it on Sunday. She helped him with the sound for the Middle School drama club play, and she really seems to enjoy it. It would be good for a student or students to be involved every time. Of course, it would also be great if the school had its own sound equipment that could run a production like this. This one isn't too hard - there are only 8 students, so they all get their own cordless mic.

Anyway, Jeffrey's helper, Rebecca, helped him get things set up, so there really wasn't too much for me to do - except run home and get some stuff he forgot. With the cost of gas, I really hate making unnecessary trips, and I'm not exactly sure how he forgot whatever it was - part of a couple mics or something. If you need all parts to use something, would you not keep them together? By the time I got back, they were about ready to start, so I sat and watched the play. They're doing The Odd Couple (Female Version). Cory doesn't get on stage for quite a while, being a guy and all. It's mostly about the girls.

While I do want to support Cory, I'm not sure I'm going to go to his play every night. In the past when Jeffrey ran sound for the musicals, I went every night to help him keep track of the script and who was coming on when, etc. This one isn't so complicated, and he's got Rebecca to help him with sound stuff - so he really doesn't need me. I suppose I should ask Cory how he feels about it first...

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  1. When my daughter did the school play and was in the pit for the musical, I just went to one show of each. The musical always sold out....our school district isn't big, only about 250 in a class, but they do support the musical. The play...well, that may have only been one night now that I think of it. As Eowyn got older, she didn't want me to do so much with her *sigh* thank goodness she has a little sister.


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