Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Play Practice has Started

Cory had his play audition before Spring Break and then found out yesterday, the first day back to school, that he had play practice that night. Of course, I found out about it after school when he called me to tell me that he had a meeting until 3:45, when he wanted me to pick him up - so we could turn around and take him back for play practice at 6:00. Jeffrey had basketball last night, so he ended up going early so he could drop Cory off, and then Cory did get a ride home so he didn't have to wait around until after the guys were finished playing basketball.

I have a feeling we are going to be running back and forth quite a bit in the next few weeks, but it sounds like we will be able to share some rides with the friend he got a ride home with last night. They will be having play practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6 to 8 - for several weeks. They can't practice on Wednesdays because of some stupid agreement between the school district and the local churches. I really cannot believe the churches had the nerve to tell the school they don't want any activities - no practices, no events, nothing - on Wednesday nights because there might possibly be a student who wants to attend some church thing on Wednesday night, and I can't believe the school district actually went along with it. That's a whole other thing, so I won't get started on that.

Cory at least will have one night a week he doesn't have to go, and we don't have to take him. He might do his volunteer time at the library then, or he might just do nothing. It will be nice not to need all those luxury watches to keep track of what time it is and where we should be. I think it's good for Cory to be involved in things, and I realize other kids are involved in a whole lot more things, so it could be worse.


  1. Acting is such a creative activity in school as most schools also have the kids help make props, paint, etc. I'd much rather have my kids involved with creative endeavors than physical ones where they can get hurt.

  2. He's a busy boy and you are a busy mom. It's great that he has a lot of activities. :o)

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