Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Socks for My Drawer

In my mind, my Socks always need to match whatever I'm wearing. Sometimes, if I don't have the right color socks, I just can't wear certain things. That means I'm always on the lookout for cute socks in great colors, even though I've already got a drawer full. Tonight I found HUE. HUE is the largest and fastest growing Legwear brand in Department Stores, but since I don't go shopping much, I'm happy to see they've got a website.

They specialize in fun, fresh, and fashionable - in socks, tights and leggings. Looking through the socks available on the site, I can certainly see the fun. Most of my socks tend to be solid colors, but I'm liking some of these striped socks, if not for me, then for Beth. She likes to wear bright socks, and she doesn't always care if they match her clothes, as long as they're cute.

Besides the socks, HUE also sells sleepwear, panties, slippers, and handbags. Shipping on all orders is $5.


  1. oh my sox,,, yeah I have 2 girls who purposly wear mis matched sox on their feet... like in one red and one blue one. Have I mentened I have wierd chidlren....

  2. I never have any socks, Aurora keeps taking them on me. I have no idea what happens to her socks, but she is always taking mine because she can't find any of hers.


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