Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Let Hemisphere Educational Travel Handle the Details

I mentioned this morning that Jazz Band is canceled Thursday of this week and Tuesday of next week because the Middle School band is going to Cleveland. The High School band went to Boston last year. Our band director spends a lot of time and puts a lot of effort into planning these trips herself. It really ends up stressing her out sometimes. I mean, that's a lot of work, and she's a band teacher, not a tour guide.

Some of us have wondered if it wouldn't be better for her to find a tour agency that specializes in educational student tours and let them handle all the details. Hemisphere Educational Travel has been doing just that for 37 years. Their travel specialists are former educators and are highly qualified to organize the best student tours imaginable. I looked up Boston, since that's where the band went last year, and several, if not most of the attractions, they saw while they were there are listed. Hemisphere Educational Travel will tailor tour packages to meet the needs of each individual group, and guarantee to have the best prices. Budget is always a big concern, so that's good to know. For our school, I'm thinking of tours in the U.S., but Hemisphere also arranged International Tours.

It would certainly be worth our band director's time to call the toll-free number or fill in the web form to get a free quote the next time she's planning a trip for the band. That way she could let someone else handle all the travel details, like making arrangements for transportation, meals, accommodations, etc., while she concentrates on the band.