Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Do You Like My Logo?

I've been playing with logo design today. It would be nice to have logo of my very own, something that people can associate with me and my blog. I could put it on business cards to hand out when I'm away from my computer, so people can find me. I could even have letterhead and address labels for all my correspondence. OK, so I don't really use any kind of snail mail correspondence any more, but I could add my logo to my email signature.

All the big companies have easily recognizable logos. Most of them don't even need a company name to go with their logo. People take one look at the logo, and they know the company it represents. I may never be that recognizable, but it would still be nice to have a logo to use on everything. LogoYes makes it simple for anyone to create their own logo in a few simple steps. Their logo says "Look Big, Win Big" so why not try creating a logo just like the big guys?

Here are the easy steps:
  • Step 1 - Choose an image style: High-tech, bold, or flair. They even give you a short description of the type of company that would be best represented by each style.
  • Step 2 - Choose your industry from a list of several.
  • Step 3 - Then you get a selection of black and white images to choose from. The logo creator notes that you will add color in step 5. You choose the image in black and white because a good design looks good in black and white as well as color. You can browse through the images, or search for something specific. You can click on each symbol to see all of them in that category - even the ones in the other styles you didn't choose in step one. I ended up choosing a butterfly, because there are butterflies in my blog header, and I liked one from the Flair style best.
  • Step 4 - Once you choose your image, you add text (up to 2 lines) and choose a font.
  • Step 5 - layout and design. Here's where you get to add color, move things around, rotate, flip, resize, etc. to get your logo exactly the way you want it. What I could have used here was a button I could click that gave me suggestions because, I wasn't quite sure what to do with my image and my text to make it look good. Luckily, there are several sample logos on the main page, so I spent some time studying those. This is what I came up with:
  • Step 6 - You can buy the logo you create, or choose to create a business card with the logo so you can buy business cards in addition to your logo file. They have several different templates for the business cards. Simply choose one you like and edit the information. Here's mine, sized down to fit here:
What do you think? I'll probably have to play with it some more, but I like that the colors go with my blog, and the butterfly ties it all together. The whole process was really easy, and if you change your mind at any time, you can always click on the step you want to change to go back and fix it. It doesn't look like you lose any of your work by doing that, either. For instance, I went back to change my text, and when I got back to the layout step, my colors and placement were still there, so I didn't have to do that all over again. Or I could just as easily go back to the beginning and start over - until I get the perfect logo.


  1. I really like it! I did one of these quite a while ago... mine had a paw print (go figure, eh?)


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