Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Resource for Articles and Tutorials

Periodically I like to post a tip or two that has worked for me and hope it will be helpful to someone. I admit that I don't know everything. Who does, right? What I usually can do is find the information or the answer to a question. With the Internet at my fingertips, when someone asks me how to do something, I may not know right off, but I can usually find out.

As I'm looking, I like to bookmark interesting sites so I can go back to them the next time I'm looking for something. looks like one of those sites I should bookmark. There are articles on a wide range of topics, all organized by category. The first article I saw explains how to create structure and has a lot of information that I do not understand. I think it has something to do with javascript, at least the code looks kind of familiar. I'd like to learn one day, when I have more time. Today I was only skimming through it, and then I got distracted by the articles about blogs. There are articles on managing posts, setting tags and categories, editing templates and more. I know there are plenty of things I don't know about blogs and blogging, so I'm interested in seeing what I can learn here.