Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Do You Work Outside the Home Moms Do It?

I spent all day today at school, choosing artwork and photographing it for the school calendar. I didn't do the actual photographing. My job is entering all the information, taping and hanging the artwork for the photographing, removing tape, keeping track, etc.

Anyway, I was thinking, our original plan was to start around 9:30 this morning, but we changed it to 10:00, and then that got pushed back even further, so I didn't leave here until 11:00. Before I left home, I had time to put something in the crockpot for dinner, throw some towels in the washer, sort out the clean laundry that didn't get finished last night, water the plants, play one of my turns on Scrabulous, and fix something to take along for lunch.

Yesterday I was complaining that I had a hard time getting things done last week because I had to stop at 5:00pm so we could go to school for Cory's play every night. But at least I had the rest of the day. What about you moms who have to leave the house early in the morning and work outside the house all day? When do you get things done? How do you do it? (Yes, Deb, I'm talking to you!)

I didn't get home until 7:00 - could've been earlier, but we had a meeting, and Mary talks a lot. Happily dinner was ready in the crockpot. Jeffrey went out and mowed the yard, and Cory was working on homework, so they weren't complaining that no one had fed them yet - though they could have eaten any time they felt like it. It didn't take much to get dinner ready, just a matter of pulling some plates out and getting the salad out of the fridge. I also had to check the dryer and turn it back on to get the towels dry and then fold them. I should probably wash the dinner dishes, too, but I decided I can do that tomorrow - because I can. Tomorrow I'm home. How do you do it when you're not home?

Things still need done. How do they get done? Just thinking about it makes me really tired.


  1. If you were to see the state of my house right now, you'd get a pretty good answer this this question... I don't know what others do, but I'm feeling on the losing end of the battle lately. I don't want to be the scatter-brained mom whose kid doesn't have her homework done or the permission slip in on time, but I've been guilty of both of those just in the past few weeks. The girls' bus has been coming 5 minutes early all week (road construction temporarily changed the route) and that has thrown me way off in the mornings, which were the only time that I actually felt like I had it (mostly) together.

    Ok, sorry for the complain-fest there... But it's definitely a struggle. Especially right now when we're gone in the evenings so much too and soccer is now eating up most of our Saturdays as well (which is when the bulk of the housework was getting done). I checked Abby's backpack this morning and she had notes in there from last week - shows how long it's been since I remembered that particular task... Sigh.

    I have found though that no matter how much time you have, things always come up to fill it...

    Thank you for the reminder about using the crockpot - it helps so much and I've got a meal I've been planning for weeks in it that I keep forgetting about. :)

  2. Nowadays none of my kids are home full time so things have eased.. but I can say we lived in a tip for several years - some things just have to go!


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