Thursday, April 17, 2008

Please Vote

A young lady my brother goes to church with has made it into the finals to win a $20,000 scholarship from Zinch.

If you could please take a moment to go vote for Kayleen, I know she'd appreciate it. You need to scroll down and fill in the code first and then click the VoteMe! button. Whoever gets the most votes wins. You have until April 23 to vote.

Kayleen Hannaway
Philomath High School |Class of 2008 | Philomath, Oregon, USA

About me: My goal is to always continue improving myself. I respect any person or book, or any medium for that matter, that helps me reach my goal. The most important part of my life is my religion, but I don't like the stereotypes that go along with saying that, so I don't bring attention to it. I think any person should have a set of values that they live by, instead of making decisions depending on the situation. Human beings are too influenced by temporary emotions for that to be successful. I have specific short and long terms goals and don't expect anything less than success for my future.

Zinch is a way for students to show they are more than a test score. They create profiles to showcase themselves to colleges. They can learn about different colleges and what they are about, give a shout out to the schools they are interested in, and communicate with the schools. It looks like there is a lot of information about the college admissions process and a lot of great tools for high school students going through that process as well as being a place to meet and interact with other students going through that same process. I had never heard of it before being asked to vote for Kayleen, but I'm going to strongly suggest that Cory signs up right away.

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