Friday, April 11, 2008

I Forgot to Turn the Alarm Off

Tuesday I forgot what day it was. It happened again. Last night shortly after going to bed, I suddenly woke up and thought, "I forgot to turn my alarm off!" So I reached over and slid the switch on the side of my clock radio to the spot I thought was off. Then, I remembered it was Thursday night and not Friday night, like I, for some reason, thought it was. So, of course, I needed to turn the alarm back on. I slid the switch back and forth several times, trying to figure out which notch meant that the alarm is on.

I thought I got it right, but the radio did not come on this morning. Luckily, Jeffrey's alarm went off as usual. I checked mine after we got back from walking this morning. Sure enough - OFF. I really should figure out how to tell if the alarm is set or not, even in the dark, shouldn't I? Oh well, for now I'm leaving it off, because tomorrow is Saturday, and I get to sleep in.