Monday, April 14, 2008

Dancing or CMT Awards?

Jeffrey asked me tonight if I was going to watch Dancing with the Stars or the CMT Music Awards. I forgot the CMT Awards were on! Oh well, no contest. I'm watching Dancing with the Stars. I love this show. I love to see how the stars improve each week, and it really amazes me how much they can learn in a week and put it all together for the performance. I'm loving Kristi Yamaguchi this season, probably because I've liked her since I first saw her skate. Ballroom dancing is different from ice skating, but she still knows how to pull it together, get out there and perform when the pressure is on.

My other favorite is Marlee Matlin. If I didn't know she is deaf, I certainly wouldn't be able to tell by watching her dance. She can move! She also goes out there and has fun. You can tell she is having a good time with the whole experience. Karen @ A Deaf Mom Shares Her World had the opportunity to interview Marlee last week. If you're interested, you can read the interview here.

Another observation: Shannon Elizabeth reminds me at times of the sister in Dirty Dancing. Something about the way she moves.

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