Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is It My Turn Yet?

The problem with being gone all afternoon and then having to put groceries away, fix dinner, eat dinner, clean up after dinner, and clean out the refrigerator so I can put more groceries away, is that I don't get to visit all the blogs I want to visit. Also, it's my turn on almost all of the games I'm playing on Scrabulous. I need to play my turn. I'm getting addicted to that game! I check in several times a day, when I'm home, just to see if it's my turn. I'm even winning some! Tammy says I'm kicking her butt - well, I've had my butt kicked by some of my friends. Sometimes I just can't get any good tiles. Keep trying, Tammy. I bet next time you'll do better. That's what I tell myself when my opponent plays a word worth 149 points...



  1. OK, you've convinced me - I'm going to invite you to a game right now :-)

  2. Do I even have that many points in total? LOL! Even if I am getting my butt kicked, it's a fun game! :o)

  3. Funny that Mothers get addicted to those games, I played with my Grandson, the war games, and he's very good...he get upset that I'm such a slow just noticed that I'm running your ad (Entrecard) on my page as your running mine on

  4. I know what you mean Anna - I just don't seem to have enough time.
    I'm sorry I've not been able to get going on that game you started - but I promise you're not missing much, I'm useless a it!


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