Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Could Use Some Makeup Tips

Since I'm usually home, I don't really bother with wearing makeup. Sometimes when I go out, I don't even put any on. Beth, on the other hand, thinks she needs Make up all the time. She's 17, and she's gorgeous, but she'll never listen to me when I tell her she doesn't need the makeup, and she'll definitely never listen when I tell her I think she's wearing too much or that it doesn't look good. What is it with teenage girls and those raccoon eyes? Can you say too much eyeliner?

Since I don't wear much makeup, I'm certainly not the one she can turn to for makeup tips. Yes, I know it's only my opinion that black-ringed eyes are unattractive, so I am going to send her the link to makeuptip.com. She'd be more likely to follow the instructions there for applying natural looking eyeliner than listen to her mom.

Since I never spent much time learning to apply makeup, I think this site could help me, too. They cover the basics of applying makeup and move on to eyes, cheeks, and lips, and even give some skin care tips. It looks like a great resource for everyday makeup tips and tricks. I might even be able to figure out how to wear that lipstick my husband thinks he likes, and not feel like an idiot doing it.

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  1. I have raccoon eyes in the morning and have to put on make up to hide them.


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