Thursday, April 03, 2008

Relationship Meme

I was tagged by Carrie for this. I'm pretty sure I've done it before, but it's been a while. I wonder if any of the answers have changed?
  1. How long have you been together? - In June we will have been married for 22 years.
  2. How long did you date? - Our first date was before I went to college, but we were just friends. We didn't actually decided we liked each other for a while. Then we dated off and on for about 2 years before we got married.
  3. How old is he? - He'll be 47 this summer.
  4. Who said "I love you first"? - He did. I'm pretty sure...
  5. Who's taller? - He is.
  6. Who is smarter? - Me, of course! No, really, it depends on what the question is. His strengths are different than my strengths, and we work really well together.
  7. Who does the laundry? - me
  8. Who does the dishes? - again, me - though the kids are supposed to do them once a week. However, with work and other activities, they seem to be getting out of it lately.
  9. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? - Looking at the bed from the foot, that would be me.
  10. Who pays the bills? - Since he's the accountant, you'd think he would, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. I do. Of course, he had to make the money so I can.
  11. Who mows the lawn? - Most of the time he does, but I do it if I need to. Why? We have a teenage son who should do it more often.
  12. Who cooks dinner? - I do. He forgot anything he ever knew about cooking when we got married.
  13. Who is more stubborn? - OK, me. Next question?
  14. Who kissed who first? - He kissed me. But I'm sure I kissed him back!
  15. Who asked who out? - He asked me.
  16. Who proposed?- He did.
  17. Who is more sensitive? - I am, but he's pretty sensitive, too. Cory likes to give him a hard time because he gets emotional about movies. Excuse me, Cory, but you're pretty emotional, too!
I'm not tagging anyone. I'm so bad at getting to the things I'm tagged for, I don't have any right to tag anyone. If you want to do it, go ahead, and let me know so I can read yours.


  1. This is a fun meme. I did it on Misty's Words.

  2. Very sweet. I may try that meme if I get brave. My husband doesn't like anything too personal about him to be on my blog. :P


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