Thursday, April 03, 2008

5 Kind Things

I was tagged for five kind things by Liz @ Pink Lemonade of Life. Yes, I know, it was a while ago. I told you I'm bad at keeping up with these things. Anyway:

Here are the rules:

  • List five kind things you do for yourself. List five kind things you do for your family (I changed it just a smidge) and List five kind things you have done for a stranger

  • Tag five more people.

So, here goes:

Five kind things I have done for myself:
  1. I started walking every morning when Cory was a baby. That means I've been walking 2 miles every week day for 15 years.
  2. I let myself take time out to read.
  3. I bought dark chocolate.
  4. I got the digital camera with the 12x optical zoom.
  5. I met all kinds of great people on the Internet. Does that count? Never mind. It's my blog, and it counts if I say it does.
Five kind things I have done for my family:
  1. I iron the shirts! and do the laundry. Yes, I know, it sounds like it's my job, but I could make them do it themselves. Maybe I even should.
  2. I let Beth bring home a kitten, even though I never wanted another animal in the house. Shhh.... don't tell anyone I actually like this cat. She's a sweetie.
  3. I've made Jeffrey his favorite chocolate pie a few times since we've been married. He'd say I should have made it more, but he really appreciates it when I do make it. If I made it too much, he might not appreciate it as much, and he'd probably have even more weight to lose.
  4. I took the kids to the beach at least once a week in the summer because I remembered how much that meant to me when I was a kid. Now they're not so interested, and I'm sad.
  5. I started taking the kids to the library every week when they were little. I think, if at all possible, all kids should get to go to the library, for books and reading programs and fun.

Example of an American grocery store aisle.Image from WikipediaFive kind things I have done for strangers:
  1. I gave a lady one of my coupons for Papa Murphy's so she could get a free pizza.
  2. Just last week I picked up several items that fell off the grocery belt for the person in front of me.
  3. When the person in front of me forgot something, I caught up with her and gave it to her.
  4. I hold open doors for little old ladies (men too)
  5. I help little old ladies pick up things they've dropped at the grocery store, and help them reach things they can't. Of course, there are plenty of times I have a hard time reaching things, too. That's when I'm either happy to have my teenage son with me, or I wish he was there.
Now it's my turn to tag five more people: I tag the first 5 people who read this! Leave me a comment and I'll link you up.

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