Friday, April 04, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (#17)

It's Friday again, and that means Sky Watch Friday! I love Fridays.

I had to drive Cory to play practice Tuesday, and the sky was really pretty. We were both really enjoying the sun shining through the clouds on the way over there, but we didn't think to pull the camera out. I should have had him take some pictures, but instead I pulled the camera out on the way home and started taking pictures through my windshield. Yes, I know I really shouldn't be driving and taking pictures at the same time, but I did it anyway.

Driving Home Driving Home Driving Home

A few more of these pictures can be seen on my Flickr page.

I really enjoy this drive (since I have to make it on a regular basis, I guess that's good) because the scenery is really nice - even now when the trees are all bare. I'm surprised I haven't taken more pictures while I'm driving.

If you enjoy looking at the sky as much as I do, you'll want to check out Sky Watch Friday. It's hosted again this week at Wiggers World, so run over there to join in or just to see lots of wonderful sky pictures.


  1. Hello Anna
    You be careful... please.
    All these are very striking and must make the drive more pleasing.. all the best to and thanks for linking
    Have a great weekend

  2. Nice cloud photos. And, it could get dangerous driving while taking photos.

  3. Country road, country road ... take me home, but lead me through warm and charming landscapes ... and hide me not the sky!

  4. You got some nice shots while driving! I admit I do that also and it sure isn't good.

  5. I love Fridays too. Great shots :)

  6. very nice,,, I forgot what bare trees looked like. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  7. So pretty Anna! You've got some great Sky Watch photos!

  8. On the road again.....
    Great shot!

    Petunia's SWFpost

  9. Very nice, great picture, good Skywatch.
    Denise BC

  10. Well worth the risk! I have begun taking video while driving! We both better quit doing this! ;-)

  11. Beautiful - I love how clear the clouds look against the blue sky. :)


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