Thursday, April 10, 2008

Did You Get Your Baby's Shoes Bronzed?

???I remember when my kids had little feet. Cute, little, adorable feet.

When they started growing up, one of the first things I noticed was that their feet weren't so little any more. I'm going to guess that I'm not alone in that, because people have been bronzing baby shoes to preserve their baby's first shoes for a long time now. It went out of style for a while, but now bronzed baby shoes are back.

These things are so adorable, I'm wondering if I still have a pair or two of baby shoes around here so I can get them bronzed. I know we kept some of the baby clothes, just because, but bronzing the shoes turns them into a great keepsake that can be set out and displayed, to remind us that one time their feet really were that small. Why didn't they stay little like I told them to?

American Bronzing Company is the original bronzer of baby shoes. They have bronzed over 14 million shoes since 1934, and they guarantee your satisfaction. The site explains exactly how the bronzing process works, which is very interesting, but they had me with the picture of the little bronzed sneakers on the first page. Too cute! They have several different styles to choose from, antique or bright bronze, portrait stand, bookends, or unmounted, the choice is yours.

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  1. Sadly when my older girls were babies and it was IN we didnt' have the money to have it done,,, bummer would be cool now huh,,


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